Digital Service


High performance, faster scanning with Carestream.

Outstanding quality and accuracy


Carestream intraoral scanners produce exceptional image quality and finish line accuracy.

Digital impressions from Carestream (CS) intraoral scanner are sent to Precision Dental via CS Connect.

Simplifying your digital workflow

  1. In CS Imaging, pick the file and click CS Connect
  2. After logging in, files will upload automatically
  3. Choose the lab from the list. If not connected, click Create a new partner and send to:
  4. Once we’ve accepted, fill in the web form and click Submit to send your scans to us
  5. Your files (STL & DCM) will transfer. Don't turn off the computer until it's done
  6. Once we receive your files, the status will change to Consulted

Digital  Rebates

We offer digital rebates for dentists who send us five or more digital scans every month. Claim your rebate now by logging in or creating an account. 

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