About Us

Precision Dental has proudly partnered with New Zealand’s leading dental practitioners for almost 20 years.

Proudly local

100% New Zealand Made

Serving Aotearoa since 2005, our Auckland and Wellington-based technicians will work closely with you to craft a solution that exceeds your patients’ expectations. We guarantee craftsmanship, longevity and a natural, comfortable fit.

Expertly crafted

Committed to quality

Our experienced technicians craft custom crowns, bridges, and implants that look and feel great. We know the impact of a confident smile, and we’re dedicated to helping your patients achieve it.

Progressive technology

Ahead of the curve

Our team uses the latest CAD/CAM and pressing technologies to deliver unmatched quality and value. We believe excellence stems from pairing the right technology with skilled hands, so we only use the finest tools and collaborate with trusted partners and suppliers.


Our story

The Past

4The Precision Dental Promise 

Precision Dental was established in 2004 with our first laboratory in Wellington. We’ve grown a lot since then, but our passion for delivering excellent patient outcomes remains the same.

The Present

Leading New Zealand’s Dental Community 

With laboratories in Auckland and Wellington, our dedicated team consistently works alongside New Zealand’s top dentists to deliver excellent results.

The Future

Pioneering Modern Dentistry

With the latest CAD/CAM and pressing technologies, our team of highly-skilled dental technicians strive for unmatched quality and value in every aspect of our work.